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Bear at the Library

You can find anything at the library.  Even a bear.   Recently a bear has been climbing in the cherry tree adjacent to the sidewalk of the library.

 While we like the bear, we can’t forget that he is a wild animal and not used to people.

Take care and be aware that a bear has been on the library property and will most likely return.

Steps are being taken to have the bear removed to a location where he will not come into contact with people entering and leaving the library.

If you see the bear or have any concerns or questions regarding his presence near the library, please contact Seth Stephens, the Library’s Director, either in-person, by phone 973-208-6245, or by

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Library Scholarship Winners

Carrie Cullen and Matthew Burger are the recipients of this year’ s Rose Lange and Jeanne Craig Scholarships.

Miss Cullen and Mr. Burger graduated this month from Jefferson High School.  Miss Cullen will be attending Emerson College to study film production, and Mr. Burger will be attending the New Jersey Institute of Technology to study mechanical engineering.


The Jeanne Craig and Rose Lange scholarships were established by the Library’s Trustees to honor the service and contributions of Jeanne Craig and Rose Lange, two veteran Library Trustees.

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Happy Birthday Brian Jacques

Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series was born in Liverpool, England, on June 15, 1939 and died on February 5, 2011. Since the age of 15, Jacques has held a variety of jobs including merchant sailor, firefighter, dock worker, truck driver, boxer, and even stand-up comedian! The first in his Redwall series was published in 1986, after a childhood teacher showed the story to a publisher without telling Jacques. Today, the series boasts 22 books and a number of related titles including two Tribes of Redwall books.

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