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The "Garden" Variety

What is a community garden, and why should I care? Learn from Linda Grinthal of Sunset Vista Community Supported Garden. She'll talk about the social impact and health benefits, and also touch on survival gardening, gardening in a small space, and straw bale gardening for people with poor soil. TUESDAY, 5/13 at 7 PM.

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Eternal Spring: Garden Art

Are you waiting for your garden to bloom? While you wait, visit the library this Sunday, 5/3 at 2 PM for an armchair tour of fabulous gardens, ancient and present day, brought to you by the art and plants of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters. Presenter Dr. Michael Norris is a former museum educator from the Met

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2015 Poetry Contest winners

Congratuations to everyone who submitted poems to the library's Poetry Contest. The humor, beauty, unique insights and thoughtful themes made all of the poems a pleasure to read. Our winners are Walter Bogatov (child); Hanna Filosa (teen); and Louise Anne Sincaglia (adult). To read the winning poems, click here.

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