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Coming Next Week: Crosstalk by Connie Willis

In the not-too-distant future, a simple outpatient procedure to increase empathy between romantic partners has become all the rage. And Briddey Flannigan is delighted when her boyfriend, Trent, suggests undergoing the operation prior to a marriage proposal—to enjoy better emotional connection and a perfect relationship with complete communication and understanding. But things don’t quite work out as planned, and Briddey finds herself connected to someone else entirely—in a way far beyond what she signed up for.
It is almost more than she can handle—especially when the stress of managing her all-too-eager-to-communicate-at-all-times family is already burdening her brain. But that’s only the beginning. As things go from bad to worse, she begins to see the dark side of too much information, and to realize love—and communication—are far more complicated than she ever imagined.

To read Crosstalk by Connie Willisclick here

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Coming Soon: Born to Run, an autobiography by Bruce Springsteen

In a personal account inspired by the remarkable 2009 Super Bowl halftime show, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer traces his life from his childhood in a Catholic New Jersey family and the musical experiences that prompted his career to the rise of the E Street Band and the stories behind some of his most famous songs.   Publication Date: September 27, 2016.   Reserve by clicking here

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Labor Day holiday

The library will be CLOSED for the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 5, 2016. We will be OPEN on Sunday, September 4 from 1 to 5 PM. Enjoy the holiday!

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