Page Turner Adventures

Let Us Take You on a Summer Reading Adventure!

Join us every week in July for daily shows - including author vists, crafts, virtual field trips, mash-up days, and shows. 


You may view the videos in any order you wish. All virtual adventures will be available until September 1st. 


How do I access the videos?

Click on the links to the videos you want to watch, you will then be prompted for a username and password to log in. Remember this log-in information:

username: jefferson

password: summer2021


Week One: Farmyard Friends

In this original Moooosical Adventure, a "boring bovine" seeks love and fame on MooTube by attempting to jump over the moon using a trampoline, rollers skates, and a jetpack. She fails, but finally realizes the appreciation she craves was there all along. A cast of talneted kids join Kenny and Page Turner in this tale of farmyard friendship.


> Author Day: Tammi Sauer

> Craft Day: Cow Over the Moon Paper Plate Spinners  (materials list/instructions)

> Guest Day: Kamal Bell from Sankofa Farms

> Mashup Day: Clucking Chicken Cups Craft (materials list/instructions)

> Show Day: Myrtle Over the Moon


Week Two: Fish Tales

We've searched the seven seas for some of the ocean's most talented creatures. Octopus will perform an amazing escape, Mantis Shrimp will prove hes not just a pretty face, and Angler Fish has an act you'll definitely want to catch. With all this talent, will Sea Slug be able to shine? Puppetry and live action make this show a watery wonder.


> Author Day: Kate Messner

> Craft Day: "Printed" Ocean Scenes (materials list/instructions)

> Guest Day: Yasu Ishida performs traditional Japanese theatre

> Mashup Day: Coffee Filter Fish Craft (materials list/instructions)

> Show Day: The Ocean's Got Talent


Week Three: Pet Pals

When Page and Kenny leave the house, their pets, Philo, Moxie, and Pip like to read books, watch TV, and play on the computer. What do they watch? A live action/animated show about a wacky librarian, a magic book, and of course, lots of animals.


> Author Day: Donna Gephart (author) and Francesca Chessa (illustrator)

> Craft Day: Pet Pop Up Books

> Guest Day: Jamie Katz, Pet Detective

> Mashup Day: Pet Pal Open Face Sandwiches

> Show Day: Such a Library!


Week Four: Celebrity Critters

Get ready to roll out the red carpet when a cast of special guests join Kenny and Page during the classic award-style show honoring furry friends of the silver screen, hero animals, and presidential pets.


> Author Day: Pat Cummings

> Craft Day: Celebrity Paw Prints 

> Guest Day: Wesley Williams' Puppy Pals - Comedy Dog Show

> Mashup Day: Read Aloud and Draw Along

> Show Day: The PAW-cademy Awards