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Summer Reading Bingo

2019 Summer Reading Bingo Rules

1)  Cards available at the circulation desk (or print online)

2)  The following age categories are available:

a.    Early Reader – preK to 1st/2nd grade (click here)

b.    Middle Grades – 2nd/3rd to 5th grade (click here)

c.    Young Adult – 6th grade and up (click here)

d.    Adult - 18 and older (click here)

** Use your discretion with the cards selected for your children, if they are at a higher or lower reading level, select the appropriate card for them.

3)  Each square represents a different type (or genre) of book

a.  If you are unsure of what is available for each square, suggested reading lists are available at the circulation desk or can be downloaded here:

    Early Reader Reading List
    Middle Grades Reading List
    Young Adult Reading List
    Adult Reading List 

          b.  Each box should be a different book title

          c.  Please indicate the title of the book you read on the back of the card

          4)  You will earn a raffle entry ticket for each line completed on your BINGO card. 

          a.    You may submit your card after one line or keep it to fill out additional lines on the same card (12 lines/entries for each card)

          b.    If you fill out the entire card, you will earn an additional FIVE raffle entries 

          5)  All books read for the BINGO card must be finished during the game dates (June 28th– August 31st)

          6)  Must have a valid library card

          7)  Winners will be notified via phone or email, and winnings can be picked up at Jefferson Township Public Library (1031 Weldon Rd, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438)

          8)  Children/Young Adult raffles are to be held weekly (on Fridays). You may save your raffles and enter them for any prize throughout the summer. Drawings will take place on the following dates:

          a.    July 5th- $25 Amazon Gift Card

          b.    July 12th- $25 Franks Pizza (Oak Ridge)

          c.    July 19th- $25 Jefferson Dairy

          d.    July 26th- $25 Five Below Gift Card

          e.    August 2nd – Game Package

          f.     August 9th– $25 AJ’s Ice Cream

          g.    August 16th- $25 Franks Pizza (Lake Hopatcong)

          h.    August 23rd- $25 Amazon Gift Card 

          i.     August 30th– Back to School Basket

          9)  Adult raffles to be held monthly and will take place on the following dates:

          a.  July 31st - $100 Stone Water (Lake Hopatcong)

          b.  August 31st- $100 Taphouse 15 (Jefferson)

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