Computers, Photocopier, Fax

The library has 17 computers, and 2 printers (one black and white, one color), and 1 scanner for public use. The computers offer access to the MAIN web catalog, the Internet, and a variety of databases. Most of them provide access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher.

In addition, there are six tablets in the children's area offering a variety of learning software and games.

Photocopies, printed pages, and scans are available at $.10 per page

The library staff will fax your document for you.
973 area code: $3.00 first page; $1.00 per additional page
Outside 973 area code: $3.00 first page; $2.00 per additional page

A paper shredder is available for public use. It is located next to the library photocopier.

 *** Please note that all payments made to Jefferson Township Public Library must be with CASH or CHECK only. We do not accept credit or debit cards for payment***

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