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The library's meeting room is called the Riker Room, and it's maximum capacity is 49 people. The room is available for public use upon availability and approval by the Library Director. You can send a reservation request via hard copy or use the online form below.

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The Riker Room is available to approved individuals and groups. Complete the application form below and submit for approval. The library reserves the right to deny reservation at their discretion.

Please check first for available dates here: Riker Room Calendar

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Jefferson Township Public Library - Riker Room

POLICY: The Trustees of the Jefferson Township Public Library wish to encourage the widest possible use of the library’s meeting room. Subject to the regulations below, the board welcomes all non-profit organizations serving the majority of Jefferson residents, with a view to providing its resources and facilities for educational, cultural, and social activities of the Township.


  1. Priority will be given to Library planned activities.
  2. Application forms must be approved and filed with the Director, or the appointed representative of the Director.
  3. In the case of more than one request for the same evening, the Board of Trustees shall assign use on a random basis. If an organization does not receive use of the Riker Room on the night requested, they may reapply for an open evening.
  4. The name and address of Jefferson Township Public Library may not be used as the designated headquarters of any organization. The Library may not be identified as the sponsor of any organization’s function or belief.
  5. Admission fees may not be charged.
  6. The Riker Room is not available for the financial or personal gains of private individuals or commercial concerns, or where, in the judgment of the Trustees or Director, disorder may likely occur.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted, and smoking is not allowed.
  8. Youth groups with adequate adult supervision are encouraged to apply for use of the room.
  9. Light refreshments may be served, with utensils and supplies furnished by the organization using the room. No electrical appliances or flame to heat refreshments is allowed. No preparation of food is to be done at the Library The Riker Room and kitchenette must be returned to order.
  10. No animals may be brought within the confines of the building, except of helping animals (i.e. guide dogs)
  11. Unless the room is left as found, custodial services, on an hourly basis, may be charged to cover necessary clean-up.
  12. Library property is made available conditionally upon the responsible behavior of users. Organization members assume responsibility for any damage to the room and furnishings. They are responsible for providing an experienced projectionist if films are to be shown.
  13. The Board of Trustees assumes no liability for injury to a person or damage to property of the organization or its members.
  14. Meetings must begin no later than 8:00pm, and the premises must be vacated by 9:00pm.
  15. An officially designated member of the organization shall supervise locking up, seeing that the room is returned to the state it was found, and turning out the lights.
  16. All meetings are open to the public. The Trustees may attend, or send a designated representative to attend, any meeting in the Library.
  17. Due to fire regulation, room size allows a maximum of 49 persons. Authorized officer must enforce this regulation. No open flames or ceremonial candles are permitted in the room.
  18. Although, as stated, the Riker Room is for the use of Jefferson Township activities, organizations outside of the Township may receive approval for its use if Jefferson residents will constitute a majority of those attending.
  19. The Trustees reserve the right to revoke permission for any meeting.
  20. The Library does not provide storage for any organization.
  21. Under no conditions may any organization be given permission to use the Staff Room.
  22. Violation of the above policies can subject the organization to loss of the privilege of using the Riker Room.